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MCL-Mobility Platform

MCL-Mobility Platform

As business are implementing more and more mobility solutions and are working more often with a dynamic workforce they are in need for a mobile platform that thinks beyond mobile device management only.
MCL-Mobility Platform provides integrated mobile application management, mobile operator management, and mobile device management built on top of Amazon's Elastic Cloud for maximum scalability and security.

In addition to the management services MCL-Mobility Platform provides comprehensive visibility and control on every mobile operator, each mobile device, and all mobile applications.

Its operational approach makes it easy for anyone regardless of technical expertise, to deploy new apps and software, manage operators and manage mobile devices, in just little time.

It is Server/Agent based and build with your mobile operators in mind, both on the device and web-portal side.
Out of the box provisioning of your mobile devices and operator group profile settings are just a few examples of that.

MCL-Mobility Platform lets you all do this regardless of the mobile device or operating system you have implemented(see supported devices).

Mobility Services

MCL-Mobility Platform offers a series of Mobility Services in the cloud for enterprises to manage their entire mobile lifecycle, efficiently, but most of all cost effectively.

Services includes a Enterprise Application Store in which all mobile apps will be stored centrally ready for deployment to your mobile devices, app and software deployment capabilities for simplified, containerized, deployment to your mobile devices, operational geared mobile device management functions and features, including remote lock & wipe, and role based operator management services allowing you to create a personalized 'desktop' on the mobile devices implemented showing only the apps your operators require to work with.

The FileBox sync Service offers organizations a cost effective alternative to synchronize data from your entire mobile device estate easily and fully secured (HTTPS and AE256 encryption) with your central ERP, WMS, or back-end systems.

Centralized Web Based Mobility System Management

Using MCL-Mobility Platform's central Cloud Console interface, site-administrators can perform various mobility devices, operator and application management tasks, such as easy ’out-of-the-box’ installation and configuration of your mobile devices, device asset inventory, and re-assignment of equipment following device repairs.

It also allows for easy management and maintenance of your operator settings including the apps they need and language definitions.

Your mobility system management can be securely controlled, monitored and customized from anywhere in the world. MCL-Mobility Platform is multi-tenant solution in where each site or location of your enterprise has its own secured access and will have its own unique URL for easy and quick access. Account owners can manage access control at any level where site-managers can only login to their assigned part of the enterprise.

Reduced Costs

Studies are indicating the overall 3 to 5 years costs for keeping servers implemented are typically 5 or 6 times the initial purchase costs of the hardware only. Staffing costs, on-going license upgrade costs, and Server hardware maintenance contract costs are just a few aspects making traditional on-premise server installations a costly setup. Adding redundancy or fall-back schemes to your installation often even doubles or triples these costs.

One of the key benefits of MCL-Mobility Platform, running in the cloud, is to replace up-front capital infrastructure expenses (CAPEX) by lower variable/operational costs that scale with your business (OPEX).
With MCL-Mobility Platform, companies implementing mobility solutions no longer need to plan and invest in costly servers and other IT infrastructure. Instead, they can almost instantly introduce a fully managed mobility solution in a matter of hours and deliver results faster.

Scale as you go, and only pay for what you use, MCL-Mobility Platform is made available to you by monthly, predictable, subscription plans based on the number of mobile devices your implementation requires.


In traditional on-site hosting implementations IT departments have to ensure (read:invest) there is always enough server-hardware capacity and corresponding software server licenses available to accommodate peak seasons. More often IT-teams are over-scaling the on-site server system to ensure this.

MCL-Mobility Platform instantly scales up as your workload grows, and scales down should it be required. Whether your mobile operators are working all together on one site or spread across multiple sites, whether you have ten's or thousands of mobile operators.

MCL-Mobility Platform in the cloud adapts dynamically to your organizational changes without the need to understand complicated and time consuming server configuration settings or the need to go through costly server implementations.

Build On Amazon's Elastic and Secured Cloud

MCL-Mobility Platform is hosted on Amazon EC2 cloud, providing the highest level of readiness and scalability. Its protection against cyber threats anytime, anywhere is one of the highest in the industry.
The platform provides a secure, durable technology with industry-recognized certifications and audits. (See EC2 Security Information).
Based on the cloud's infrastructure, which is composed by multiple layers of operational and physical security, MCL-Mobility Platform can ensure the integrity and safety of your mobile operator's data. Not only is Amazon's environment extremely secure, it will adapt to changing demands. It allows your organization to focus on its core business activities rather than spending precious business time in managing, maintaining, and upgrading in-house IT-infrastructures.

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Your FileBox, located in your MCL-Mobility Platform account, allows for direct file-exchange by your mobility solution Devices. It enables your Next mobility operators to securely store and forward all the data you want to pass on to other systems in one central location and will take out completely the need for implementing in-house file servers to host your data. With FileBox you only need to connect your company backbone to MCL-Mobility Platform keeping your IT-Infrastructure costs at the absolute lowest levels.

   Secure Logon

Secure Logon

MCL-Mobility Platform offers a secure and password protected logon to your account. Your mobility devices are synchronizing the data on a encrypted base (AE256) and by using secure HTTPS connections to MCL-Mobility Platform.

    Scheduled Updates

Scheduled Updates

MCL-Mobility Platform deployment scheduler allows you to plan your updates. Based on several parameters the deployment of the mobility application will take place. This includes 'Idle' and 'in cradle' triggers making sure the updates are never interfering with your operator's main tasks.

    Controlled Rollout

Controlled Rollout

MCL-Mobility Platform allows Site Managers to define several Groups, each of them having their own settings and application assigned. Prior to mass-deployment, a testing Group can conduct a complete on-site mobile application testing. Once and only if they are fully satisfied, a controlled mass or sectioned roll-out can take place without causing any interruptions to main operational processes.

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