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DEPLOY devices and apps

Deploy applications & devices efficiently

MCL-Mobility Platform offers mobile device application deployment, generic software deployment, commissioning capabilities, simplified device configuration setup and allows enterprises creating their own Enterprise Application Store with mobile Applications geared for their needs.

Want to include new business logic or introduce enhanced features to the Application?
Simply deploy to just one or many mobile devices of your Enterprise within a matter of minutes.

The deployment-services in MCL-Mobility Platform allows you to automate the process of downloading the right MCL-Client firmware and the right applications to the right device, at the right site, at the right time and for the right operator.

Whether for initial deployment or on-going maintenance updates, the deployment services in MCL-Mobility Platform helps you manage the deployment of software and apps to your devices and keep them current with the latest releases.

Enterprise Application Store

Create your own enterprise app store and allow access to the members of your organization, you operators, and your beta testers.

The Enterprise AppStore Services in MCL-Mobility Platform facilitates the entire lifecycle management for mobile apps (MCL and non-MCL apps). It allows for deployment of new or updated versions through each of the app lifecycle phases with version control.

Only authorized users will be able to receive, fully automatically, and rule-based, their business apps they require to perform the operations.

Scheduled Software Deployment

In order to minimize the impact of mobility software deployment to the end users, MCL-Mobility Platform administrators can define schedules for each update cycle to take place.

The automatic update option ensures, as new versions of the mobility solutions will become available, a deployment using the deployment schedule as set.

Scheduled software deployment is offered as one of the many services from MCL's Mobility Platform.

Keeping your MCL mobility software automatically updated has never been easier.

Easy to learn

The platform's look and feel, navigation and operation offers a layer of simplicity in offering complex technologies such as OTA (over the air) software deployment, application management, multi lingual operator management, cloud interfacing, and many other state-of-art technologies, resulting in very fast ramp-up time for new users.

In just minutes an MCL-Mobility Platform account is created and from there it will only take little time to set up your environment. All services, part of your subscription, will be available instantly and ready to use.

Benefit from MCL's Mobility Platform Services and create the ROI you are looking for.

Pack & Publish

MCL's Integrated Development Environment(IDE), MCL-Designer, is fully integrated with MCL's Deployment Services offered by the MCL-Mobility Platform.

Once the app creation is finished, MCL-Designer will pack all required files into a 'container' ready for upload by the Mobility Platform.

In this way you are sure no files or resources are missing the moment it gets deployed to your mobile devices.

Future proof your deployments

MCL's Deployment Services offered by the Mobility Platform doesn't stop at deployment of MCL-apps only.

It offers options for generic software deployment to mobile devices including driver updates as well as deployments of non-MCL applications.

MCL-Mobility Platform lets you deploy your legacy applications first and migrate step-by-step to newer MCL apps and take full benefit of enhanced application capabilities.

With MCL-Mobility Platform you are future proofing your mobility implementations.

  • MCL Technologies is a computer software company that provides leading products for building, implementing and maintaining Mobility Applications. It offers an industry leading Development, Interfacing and SaaS based Mobile Lifecycle Management environment for business mobility solutions through its five major product lines: MCL-Designer, MCL-Client, MCL-Net, MCL-Bridges (ERP/WMS/DB/Web), and MCL-Mobility Platform

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