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Manage applications - operators - devices and data efficiently

Remotely monitoring and managing your mobile devices only is no longer enough to keep control of your mobility implementations.

MCL-Mobility Platform goes beyond the classic and traditional MDM (Mobile Device Management) capabilities. It allows enterprises to manage the entire mobile lifecycle including mobile application management-MAM(initial introductions, updates, and retirements), data management (cloud based 'store & forward'' data options), and operator management (role and language based profiles) helping you to manage your mobile (flex-)workforce, all from a centrally managed, cloud based, scalable and secure environment.

Whether for initial deployment or on-going maintenance updates, the application, operator, and device management services in MCL-Mobility Platform helps you manage the entire lifecycle of your mobility implementations.

Manage Mobile Apps with Enterprise Application Store

Create your own enterprise app store and allow access to the members of your organization, you operators, and your beta testers.

The Enterprise AppStore Services in MCL-Mobility Platform facilitates the entire lifecycle management for mobile apps (MCL and non-MCL apps). It allows for deployment of new or updated versions through each of the app lifecycle phases with version control.

Only authorized users will be able to receive, fully automatically, and rule-based, their business apps they require to perform the operations.

Manage Mobile Operators

No matter you have to manage only a few warehouse operators in just one site or thousands of mobile workers working outside-the-4-walls of your organization, MCL's Mobility Platform lets you do this.
Its profile-based approach is letting you define the exact needs your operators require to perform their tasks.
MCL-Mobility Platform allows you to provision your mobile operators within your organization and provide them with access to specific business apps based on their profile. All easily managed by grouping your users(e.g., warehouse, proof-of-delivery, retail, etc.) and applying application and security policies to these groups.

Keeping your Mobility Staff running with what they really need has never been easier.

Manage Multi Language Apps

Working with a multi-lingual staff ?
No worries as each operator can get their apps in the language desired.

For each Operator profile you create on MCL-Mobility Platform you can set the desired language. Once the operators are logging-in on their devices they are getting their apps presented in the right language.

What's even more, you only need to manage one single app containing the languages you want to offer. MCL-Designer's embedded 'localization' options are at the heart of the solution.

Manage Mobile Devices

MCL-Mobility Platform lets you perform the most common used and operationally required device management tasks.

Is a device broken? Simply give it a 'repair' status in the Mobility Platform and not only will it appear as such, it will also free up the associated device license for re-use by another (swap) device.

Want to know where your devices are right now? Click on 'locate' and you will know. MCL-Mobility Platform keeps track of your devices and as data develops, you can easily export this and feed any other system for further analysis.

Should it be required you can remotely lock - wipe - reinstall a single or a group of mobile devices.

Device and Operator Statistics

MCL-Mobility Platform gives you an instant view on several stats coming from your mobility implementation. Besides information on how many units are in use (utilization) it provides your organization as well information on battery-health levels, split in various Operating Systems in use, Device types in use, and other KPI's.

It either allows organizations themselves or advised by system providers to steer and apply changes more easily as you know what is going on.

All relevant data can be exported (excel format) to any other system for further analysis.

Device LifeCycle Management

Managing Mobility implementations is based on a few critical steps throughout the lifetime of the installation.
Provisioning, Deployment, in the field Updates and Upgrades, potential reassignments/re-usage of equipment and as well decommissioning.

MCL-Mobility Platform offers 'Lifecycle' management, from the first steps of implementation to the last step of decommissioning.

Each mobile device will at a given point of time come to its end-of-life as organizations are replacing these devices by others, offering different or enhanced feature sets.

MCL Mobility Platform allows you to entirely decommission and 'clean-swipe' devices no longer in use and as a result other devices can take over the released licenses from these decommissioned devices.

MCL-Mobility Platform offers support for all stages of the mobile lifecycle.

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