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MCL-Designer is a comprehensive and integrated enterprise mobility solution which allows the rapid design, development, deployment and management of cross platform enterprise mobile datacapture applications.

MCL-Designer, a zero code design environment, allows you to mobilize any datacapture (Barcode/RFID/Voice) business process on almost any mobile platform quickly and easily. And is the answer to the constant changing OS landscape as it supports an extensive list of mobile computers produced by a number of world-class manufacturers.

Designed to create robust, industrial use applications, MCL-Designer is an integrated application development platform for making Data Capture applications in a very short time.

A powerful suite for serious app development

MCL-Designer offers development teams to design, develop, and deploy Mobility Applications from a single, integrated environment.

MCL-Designer gives application developers the ability to prototype and develop powerful mobile applications without the need of lengthy, cumbersome, and time consuming coding activities, taking away the tedious parts of software development.

By use of graphical, high productivity features such as dialogue boxes, ready-to-go datacapture objects, pre-set design and GUI templates, drag-and drop, cut-and-paste, and other productivity increasing functionalities a huge acceleration in development can be achieved.

Single Development - Multi Deployment

MCL-Designer is designed to create applications for a wide range of Industry Standard Mobile Computers. You will be able to develop your Mobility Application once and deploy that to a wide range of devices without the need to constantly redevelop it. Simply select a new target device, and ready you are.

The core fundamentals of MCL-Collection and MCL-Designer is so that it evolves with the technology to support the new operating systems of the future, the applications you build today will continue working tomorrow.

No need to worry about a multi-device, multi-operating system environment, MCL-Designer and MCL's Mobility Platform will offer you the capabilities for doing so.

Innovation - Include the latest technology in your Applications

Create applications that combine technologies such as barcode scanners, touch screens, keyboards, signature capture, imagers, radio frequency identification, global positioning systems, displays, printers, and voice recognition all in one application.

MCL-Designer is presenting development teams with high level building blocks and components having your Mobility Solution matching exactly with your business needs.

MCL-Designer is an open, flexible, and modern Development environment that enables integration partners and trained customer-IT teams to focus on the business logic of their mobility applications rather than spending precious time on coding, or finding out how the technology is working. You design, integrate, deploy, and maintain Mobility Solutions answering the unique business requirements of each customer.

Simulator and advanced testing capabilities

Simulate your application during development. Debug your application with line-by-line control. MCL-Designer's Simulator, Debugger, and Verifier are unsurpassed in the industry for application development, testing, and on-going maintenance.

Using the advanced Simulator and Debugging tools within MCL-Designer Development Environment reduces dramatically the errors and issues usually found in applications when they are put in the hands of the operators.

It will contribute to a much quicker acceptance of the Mobility Application and your operators can make a quick-start, bringing your organization the desired ROI.

Build multi language applications with ease

MCL-Designer allows developers to build multi-lingual applications from the start without the need to maintain several versions of the same application.

MCL's multi-lingual capabilities are not limited to 'just' displaying another language on the terminals display, it is one of the core features which is extended to many parts of the BUILD-DEPLOY-RUN-MANAGE philosophy.

MCL's Multi User Management, available in the MCL-Mobility Platform, offers app language settings which will offer the app to the user in the right language, automatically.

In MCL-Designer you can see the result of your translations directly on the the screen, into the documentation generator, and in each and every screen-shot which can be generated automatically in one of the languages included in the design of your app.

Professional Documentation

Boost productivity and quality assurance; automatically create comprehensive documentation with the click of a mouse. MCL-Designer unburdens you from the tedious, yet critical, task of keeping your documentation in-sync with your Mobile Application development.

Once the Mobile Solution has been developed and tested with MCL''s on-board Simulator and Verifying tools the Development team can generate a detailed report of the developed application. This document can then be modified and adapted to present a comprehensive user guide to your operators.

Presenting up-to-date user documentation will help shorten the learning curves of the solution by the operators resulting in a shorter ROI of the solution.

MCL-Designer Features and Benefits click icons to expand

   Business Logic

Business Logic

Implement sophisticated Mobility Application business logic quickly via MCL-Designer's built-in "processes". Facilitate your Mobility App with host system access, file manipulation, mathematical computations, communications, GPS locationing, 3G to WiFi swap, and many more.

   Custom Library - Reuse of work

Custom Library

Accelerate development of Mobility Applications by creating a library of your own frequently used MCL objects for reuse in numerous projects and applications.

   Thick Client/Server Architecture

Thick Client/Server Architecture

Create device resident Mobility Applications that control and take advantage of all the unique features of each mobile computer.

Your application can operate either fully on-line and synchronize with the host system at each point of the process or buffer the changes and only exchange with the host when back in reach of the wireless network allowing implementations in temporarily warehouses or working in areas with no or limited wireless/3G coverage.

   Wide support for all features and peripherals for each of the supported Devices

Wide support for all features and peripherals for each of the supported Devices

Create rich Mobility Solutions that take advantage of all datacapture features including the peripherals.

No matter what capabilities are native to a mobile device or its attached accessories, you can easily integrate those features into your Mobility Applications. Your Operators will be able to capture bar codes, read from/write to RFID tags, capture signatures, take photos, and print directly to mobile printers. MCL-Designer offers a quick, efficient, and powerful integration of today's and tomorrows technology without the need of writing one line of code.

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  • MCL Technologies is a computer software company that provides leading products for building, implementing and maintaining Mobility Applications. It offers an industry leading Development, Interfacing and SaaS based Mobile Lifecycle Management environment for business mobility solutions through its five major product lines: MCL-Designer, MCL-Client, MCL-Net, MCL-Bridges (ERP/WMS/DB/Web), and MCL-Mobility Platform

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